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Best short, medium and long-term investments: diversify your portfolio!

Every day Brazilians pay more attention to the importance of putting their money in applications to obtain a passive income that will enable their future personal and professional projects or even create a reserve for difficult times. But how to choose the best investments?

Let’s start this analysis with a statement: a savings account is not an investment!

At the best time, it makes up for the inflationary loss, which is not considered an investment – not to mention that it has been losing constantly to inflation. So it’s a loss.

Therefore, it is time to put the balance of the passbook into profitable investments with risks that are proportional to the income potential. The market has a very wide range of options for all investor profiles.

But what are the most interesting investments in the long, medium and short term?

How tokenization is becoming a great differentiator for investing?

BLOCKBR, a web 3.0 native company, will talk about the best applications and how blockchain will revolutionize the way you look at capital markets!


It is very common for investors to build their portfolios only with applications that align with their profile, be it conservatively or seeking higher returns with risks.

In both cases, because there is no diversification of investments, there is the risk of great losses – of money or of opportunities.

A portfolio with investments of different degrees of risk is an efficient way to get to know the market, protect yourself in times of crisis, and boost gains in boom times.

A diversified investment portfolio allows:

  • Gain confidence by analyzing performances of different products;
  • Make strategic decisions based on actual performance;
  • Have a safe income to compensate for losses in bold products;
  • Change the portfolio profile based on experiences;
  • Get consistent earnings on average and with growth potential.



These are investments with a term of up to two years, ideal for those who want to invest in short terms before using the capital for a personal or professional goal.

They are the most indicated for those who want, for example, to create a reserve for renovating their house or expanding their business. The returns are the lowest in the market, but better than savings.

The risks are also the lowest, but this does not mean that short-term investments are not risky. It is important to research, as you will have little time to recover possible losses.

Some short term investment tips are:

  • Tesouro Selic: public security with post-fixed profitability and linked to the Selic rate. Even though earnings cannot be defined, it is recognized as a low-risk and highly liquid investment. It is advisable to research the Selic projections before investing;
  • CDB: the most used product by those who are starting in the world of investments and want to get out from under the losses of the savings accounts, it is usually pegged to the CDI rate and there are CBDs with daily liquidity, so it is possible to redeem at any time;
  • Letra de Crédito: security in which you lend money for real estate (LCI) or agribusiness (LCA) projects. It is exempt from income tax and the minimum investment period is three months. Some bonds have daily liquidity after the minimum time for longer applications.


These are investments with a term between three and ten years, ideal for those who want to earn more, are not concerned with liquidity in this time frame, and intend to use capital for more distant goals – for example, planning to open a business.

In these applications, there is the expectation of increasing gain proportional to the time of exposure to risk and benefiting from compound interest.

Some medium-term investment tips are:

  • Real Estate Fund: this is a group of investors in real estate projects, managed by a specialized company that maps out the opportunities in the sector to invest the investors’ funds. It is a promising investment for medium and long term gains;
  • Multimarket Fund: it works in a similar way to real estate funds, but with a focus on the variety of products and segments – stocks, real estate, bonds, derivatives, and others – with the objective of taking advantage of the good moments of each product and potentializing yields.

Want to put your money to work, but don’t have much? Read our article on how to start investing in tokens with little capital!



These are the investments with terms longer than ten years and are the most recommended for people who have high-value goals that demand a long time to invest – buying a property or complementing retirement, for example.

Long-term investments have the highest expectations of gain, possible losses can be compensated over time, and not by chance, are the investments with the highest risk.

Some long term investment tips are:

  • Stock: an investment known for providing great gains, but with high volatility and, therefore, requires constant study and management, because the gains will be directly related to the performance of the companies and sectors of activity;
  • Debenture: is the debt security of a company that it sells to raise funds in exchange for a remuneration. As we see, it is an investment in the business’ ability to manage and perform in the future, like a stock, only created out of debt.

We should point out that different types of applications can be good options in different times. For example, investment funds, which are a reference in the market for the medium term, but, due to their characteristics, are effective long-term investments.

Digital and physical assets: Which is better? The BLOCKBR brings information for you to choose safely!


Do you know what is the common point between all the investments mentioned in this article? They are increasingly present in a highly secure, agile, and democratic offering model: the tokenization of assets.

There you can find traditional product tokens and opportunities such as participation in business projects – owning a piece of a gold mine, for example – or securities tokens.


  • Security: transactions are made on crypto-active marketplaces such as BLOCKBR BLOCKBRbased on blockchain, the high-security digital ecosystem where digital currencies are transacted;
  • Transparency: all investment offers are controlled by smart contracts, digital documents with the agreed conditions and triggers to execute the remunerations without human interference in the process;
  • Total accessibility: investments in tokens are fractioned into amounts that allow everyone to invest;
  • Full availability: The marketplaces work around the clock, so you can invest in securities tokens, rights and warrants at any time of the day!

Tokenization is not the product itself, but a digital vehicle that represents value, with high efficiency for you to invest in digital financial assets with little money to start and get great results!

BLOCKBR Digital Assets is a web 3.0 native fintech that unites technological innovation and digital knowledge to transform physical assets into digital assets, in the process of tokenizing assets.

The supply of physical assets and tokenized financial assets, both current and new, is democratic and decentralized, which makes the way of investing safe, simpler and more efficient.

We enable, structure, issue and offer tokens on our platform and beyond. Be aware that tokens depend on feasibility and regulatory factors.

Do you want to tokenize your business or part of it? Do you have a business solution and does it make sense to issue your own token ?

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