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Crypto News: Mercado Livre, BTG, Lumx Studios and BlockBR announce news

Mercado Livre has announced that from now on, users who are level 6 in Mercado Pontos, Mercado Pago’s and Mercado Livre’s loyalty program, will have access to a 0.5% cashback system for purchases of R$200 and up in cryptocurrencies. According to the company, the cashback has a limit of R$30 within a month.

Still according to Mercado Lvivre, another new feature is that scoring points in the program is easier, since all purchases with the Mercado Pago card, whether debit or credit, balance in the account, Mercado Crédito guarantees 1 point for every R$4, and when using these payment methods in Mercado Livre, the customer scores double.

In another market innovation, Mynt, BTG Pactual’s crypto-active investment platform, has integrated Chainlink, Polygon, MATIC and USDC cryptocurrencies into its system .

The Chainlink (LINK), Polygon (MATIC), and USDC coins are among the world’s largest and have high market value, and are backed by solid technology and development theses. With the new feature, the cryptocurrencies join Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Solana (SOL), Polkadot (DOT), and Cardano (ADA), which are already available on the platform.

“We follow our commitment to always bring news to our clients, besides new crypto asset options, we are launching our weekly report about the crypto universe, with market news, quotes and information, something that has always been our purpose: to bring a safe investment and financial education platform,” says André Portilho, head of Digital Assets at BTG Pactual.


In another new development, Penta Hotels, an international hotel chain with over 50 years of history and more than 20 hotels throughout Europe, has entered into a partnership with Brazilian startup Lumx Studios. The first action will be the creation of an NFT with exclusive benefits for the owners.

The mintage will take place during the opening event of Penta’s newest hotel in the city of Bremen, Germany. VIP guests will be able to claim Penta NFTs for free on a decentralized app (dApp) developed by Lumx, which will make them members of the Penta Loyalty Program.

“We want to experience the benefits behind Web3, stay on top of trends, stay relevant to our guests, and grow our community and offering,” explains Ben Thomas, chief commercial officer of Penta Hotels.

Another novelty is BlockBR ‘s with the launching of T-Propt, aimed at the toning of luxury homes and that already starts with a fund of R$50,000,000.00. Its goal is to acquire and build luxury homes that will be managed with unique experience management and with restricted access to exclusive clients. The negotiation of the properties takes place with the sale of different quotas of each unit, which will have an average of 8 to 12 owners.

The responsible for the articulation of the properties is the real estate developer T-Properties, which will make available houses elaborated by the most renowned architects in the market, such as Gui Mattos, Felipe Diniz, Arthur Casas, and Thiago Bernardes. Outstanding projects are under development in Preá beach, in Ceará; in Campos do Jordão, Trancoso, and a project study in the coveted Fernando de Noronha archipelago.

“After decorated, the access to the properties will be through a token, in fractions where each user can enjoy the space in all seasons of the year. The interested parties will have to disburse amounts ranging from R$ 500,000.00 to R$ 3,500,000.00, according to the choice of property”, says Cassio José Krupinsk, CEO and founder of BlockBR.

Source: Cointelegraph

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