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  • Crypto news: Rispar, BlockBR and Digitra announce news in the cryptocurrency market
Rispar, BlockBR and Digitra announce news

Crypto news: Rispar, BlockBR and Digitra announce news in the cryptocurrency market

Cryptocurrency market in Brazil begins February with three companies announcing news Rispar, BlockBR and Digitr.

Three companies in the national cryptocurrency market announced news this week that can benefit their users : Rispar, which improved its lending system with Bitcoin (BTC) as collateral; BlockBR that created a tokennomics system for employees and Digitra that launched an OTC system

In the case of Rispar, the company launched a new payment term system and now fintech customers can choose between three, six, nine or twelve months when applying for credit on the platform – previously, only the last option was available.

With the novelty, Rispar hopes to meet the demand of a portion of customers who benefit from shorter-term contracts, and to attract even more people who have Bitcoin in their wallets and do not want to get rid of their investment .

The main advantage of offering shorter terms, explains the fintech, is felt directly in the pockets of customers, who can have savings of up to 60% in the IOF – Tax on Financial Operations – main cost and which varies according to the term of the contract.

“The new terms are a way to significantly reduce the costs of contracting credit and meet the requests of customers who seek our platform with demands for greater capital turnover”, says Leonardo Bianconi, CPO of Rispar. “With the change, we were able to increase the advantage of credit not being exposed to exchange variation as is the case with international platforms and DeFi protocols”.


In the case of BlockBR, the company announced that it created a tokenomics system for its collaborators and employees . In this way, in addition to the fixed salary, each employee can multiply their income with fractions of tokens when structured for the secondary market, obtaining a gain up to 20 times higher in certain cases.

This format is implemented according to the volume of tokens that are distributed to clients. That is, there is a gain from the profitability of digital assets created by the fintech itself. The idea is to function as a sort of distribution of the company’s profit which, instead of being annual, will be semi-annual .

“Our employee has his salary, fixed, but the capital gain ends up being much higher due to the profitability of the tokens in the market. It is an innovative idea, in keeping with the new world economy and blockchain security”, comments Cassio José Krupinsk, CEO and founder of BlockBR.

type announced the launch of an OTC desk, called Private & OTC, aimed at cryptocurrency trading for institutions, high-income customers and companies that want to invest in digital assets , where the minimum trading amount is Rs. $20 thousand.

The new exchange hits the market with the signature of Rodrigo Batista, founder and CEO of Mercado Bitcoin from 2013 to 2018.

“The cryptocurrency market is still in its infancy and has already created the first unicorns. I decided to create a place to trade cryptocurrencies in a safe way, with liquidity and exclusive service as is already being done abroad. Private & OTC is a first step to better serve the digital assets market”, explains the entrepreneur.

According to the company, more than 1000 types of cryptocurrencies will be made available on the service, which allows customers to enter markets such as decentralized finance ( Defi ) and NFTs .

“We are aware of all market movement, and it is important to have these assets in our portfolio, offering all the security that is possible with technologies created in recent years”, comments Rodrigo.

The company estimates to trade 1 billion dollars in 2022, which is still a small fraction of the market, but which shows its potential”, comments Rodrigo.

Source: Cointelegraph

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