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Crypto News: Web3 to be featured on Carnival, Copy Trade at Bitget, and other news on the crypto market

With the recent recovery of the cryptocurrency market, driven by the return of the Bitcoin price to $20,000, cryptoactive companies are announcing several new features.

Bitget for example announced the launch of Copy Trade Spot, which allows users to copy other traders’ orders in the Spot market. Users can view the trader profiles provided by the platform to choose their preferred trader to follow, based on P&L, rating and portfolio as recorded in the system.

“Bitget was the first brokerage to offer Copy Trade in the cryptocurrency futures market in 2020 and since then, our Copy Trade has always been a prominent product in the company. The success has been proven by the numbers and has also helped Bitget become the largest cryptocurrency Copy Trade platform. We are proud to extend the product to the Spot market, as this will further expand our audience base and offerings for social trading, and solidify our leadership position in the crypto space,” said GracyChen, Bitget’s managing director.

Web3 will be featured at Carnaval

Two giant floats, at the Salvador Carnival, will be dedicated exclusively to the promotion of Web3-related projects. The company spearheading the initiative is Musigreen, in partnership with DLT Hub.

The first of the two floats is surrounded by giant LED screens, while the next vehicle boasts a VIP terrace and a bar with capacity for more than 100 partners and guests. Supporting the exclusive floats are MADDY Entertainment, DLT Hub, James Bowater (Crypto Insider), Jade City, and the leading social media influencer agency in Brazil, with a combined reach of over 200 million followers.

Musigreen was founded by two music professionals, Brazilians Mariana Brandão and Ana Clara Cady, and aims to give users back the power of choice over their music preferences and data.


AgVenture Hub has just undergone a rebrading and will be renamed AgFoodVentures. The goal and value proposition remain the same: to be an innovation ecosystem for the agribusiness value chain.

“If Brazil is a powerhouse in agribusiness today, it is thanks to the scientists and entrepreneurs who, using a lot of science, technology and innovation, transformed the country from a food importer to one of the largest global producers and exporters of various crops,” explains Alain Marques, founder and CEO

The choice of the new name, according to Alain Marques, is to consolidate the term ‘agfoodtech’, which encompasses startups from the entire agribusiness value chain, as our ecosystem, thus reinforcing its three pillars of activity: startup acceleration, open innovation, and investments.

In AgFoodVentures’ new business model, in addition to acceleration and strategic consulting for open innovation, the company puts on the market, the investment platform based on blockchain and focused on the development of startups in the agribusiness value chain.

“The platform has the security and transparency of blockchain technology, and applies the concept of smart money in the vein, because we are attracting people who are from the industry and want to add to the growth of startups,” explains Alain Marques.

Blockchain verification seal

Mobiup has announced the launch of a verification seal to combat fraud on Instagram. According to the company, through Blockchain technology, the Authenticator verification seal helps identify fake profiles on the networks, curbing the action of criminals.

The stamp is like an NFT but unlike an ordinary digital collectible, the Authenticator is non-transferable. Any profile can be verified by Authenticator, from content creators to companies and artists. The profile that is validated will have a blue verification stamp in its feed, and in the original profile it will be marked as a digital collectible, which will not be possible to find in a fake profile.

For this validation to happen, the account owner must send the requested data and wait for the Authenticator to verify it, after it is approved, it is recorded in blockchain, and a SoulBond NFT is sent to your wallet. It cannot be transferred to another person, only to the one who is connected to your wallet.

“We already have more than 500 people in the queue to receive the Mobiup company authentication seal,” said Rodrigo Caggiano, Mobiup’s product director.


Following Rio de Janeiro’s example, Buenos Aires has joined the UPLAND metaverse. The city was chosen through a partnership between UPLAND and FIFA, who decided to include in the metaverse the capital of the country that will win the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

“We are excited to start our history with Argentina in a big way. In addition to hosting Buenos Aires, we have partnered with the AFA (Argentina’s Football Association) to insert all first division clubs into the city’s mirrored map. Soon, fans passionate about their teams will be able to purchase NFTs and interact with their soccer passions in our metaverse,” says Dirk Lueth, founder of the Silicon Valley-based company.

In this first stage, uplanders around the world and newcomers to this market will be able to buy virtual properties in six well-known neighborhoods in the metropolis: La Boca, Puerto Madero, Recoleta, Retiro, San Telmo, and Nunez.

The latter district is the only one that will have land reserved for new users, the so-called FSA (Fair Start Act). About 30% of the properties in all of Buenos Aires are reserved as FSA.

“There are expansion plans to launch other neighborhoods, in addition to expanding Upland’s presence in Argentina with the participation in events and actions to launch the partnership with AFA,” adds Ney Neto, Upland’s director for Latin America.


BlockBR announced the hiring of a new CFO with a focus on greater scalability in financial offerings: Fernando Masuela. The executive has more than 23 years of experience in large companies of the sector, such as HSBC, Santander, ItaúBBA, Itaú and ABN Amro with local and global operations

“As CFO one of my main goals is to develop procedures and mechanisms that can bring the necessary financial robustness to be the foundation of accelerated and sustainable growth, using the best practices of Corporate Finance and Governance,” he said.

Source: Cointelegraph

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