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Gold mining and tokens: understand the relationship between them!

Tokenization is the great market trend to raise funds and leverage profits in asset offerings with security, agility and low costs. And among the possibilities, gold mining is an operation that greatly benefits from tokenization .

Here the union of tradition and modernity takes place in the right measures:

  • Gold , one of the most stable investments and an excellent store of value ;
  • Tokenization , the most efficient means for various stages, from funding extraction to trading stocks.

In addition to being a protective asset in difficult times, gold is used in the manufacture of various products, from cell phones and televisions, as it is an excellent electrical conductor, to dental products.

Mining companies all over the world invest in the extraction of gold and companies and people hold large reserves – in common, they can use gold tokenization as a safe way to capitalize on large projects and reap bigger gains.

How is this possible?

In this BLOCKBR prepared this article to talk about how tokenizing gold mining can revolutionize this market in Brazil!


Despite so many adversities with the pandemic, gold appreciated around 24% in 2021 and reached a historic world price record, surpassing 2,300 dollars.

In Brazil, gold production in 2021 was 15% higher than in 2020. These facts give the dimension of how much golden metal is seen as a refuge asset in difficult times.

With the recovery of the economy starting in 2021, there will be a growth in projects in the gold mining sector in the coming years.

But companies in the sector must have two fundamental concerns:

  • Invest in a culture of innovation in technologies and processes;
  • Look for alternatives to finance your projects beyond expensive (and rare) credit!


If the numbers are promising, the reality of Brazilian mining companies is challenging. There are years of research, studies, planning and a high investment that starts with prospecting.

Gold mining goes through several processes:

  • Research and Development;
  • Viability study;
  • Operating authorizations;
  • Mining and production;
  • Gold refinement.

Each of them involves numerous activities, high-value equipment (mostly imported), technical and managed teams, facilities and legalization costs.

The way to raise funds from a gold mining company in Brazil is basically financing – which is already a challenge with high interest rates, bureaucracy and delay.

Small and medium- sized mining companies are the most impacted, as they have few guarantees to offer, less negotiating power with suppliers and many of them are born from successful gold prospecting .

How to carry out a project of this size with great chances of success but also with difficulty in obtaining money at a fair price?


Is it possible to tokenize gold and succeed with this business model? Certainly, yes!

BLOCKBR, for example, already works with the tokenization of the first gold mine in Brazil. It is a strategy that leverages fundamental financial results for the initiation and development of the mining project .




Tokenizing mining projects consists of generating tokens – encrypted digital records – that represent, in total, the investment value that the mining company hopes to capture in order to proceed with the activity.

  1. The company specializing in tokenization studies the feasibility of tokenizing the project or asset, evaluating all aspects (commercial, legal, tax);
  2. The project is split into a number of tokens . Thus, the value of each token will be accessible to the greatest possible number of people and companies interested in buying tokens (shares) of the asset;
  3. The tokens are offered on a blockchain – a technology environment created with the most modern security protocols and where all information is encrypted at a high level;
  4. Each tokenized asset or project is supported by a smart contract or smart contract, a digital document with all the rights, obligations and guarantees of the token issuer (the mining company ) and the investors;
  5. For each token purchase transaction, all computers that make up the network, without human interference, must validate it with the smart contract they have. In this way, it is guaranteed that the transaction is real and reputable;
  6. There is no risk of fraud as all points on the network (computers) must validate the data, if one of them is used maliciously, the operation is canceled;
  7. At the end of the fundraising period with the tokenization of the project , the blockchain electronically transfers the calculated capital to the company and credits investors for the purchased tokens ;
  8. Blockchain is also responsible for remunerating each token in the way provided for in the project.


As we can see, tokenizing gold mining is a simpler process of raising capital than seeking financing, which is not always available to all companies and has a high cost.

See the advantages of opting for mining tokens .

  • Security : Blockchain is the technology used to create and trade cryptocurrencies and has the highest levels of data security as well as using top-notch encryption. Token balances and data are absolutely protected;
  • Transparency : each transaction receives a unique identification key and is filed in a digital ledger available to the company and investors. The smart contract legally reflects what would be done in a conventional transaction;
  • Agility : Blockchain works seamlessly and without borders, a person can buy tokens at any time, wherever he is;
  • Democratization in the market : with the fragmentation of the project, the public that can access it is much larger, attracting small capital and without depending on groups of large investors;
  • Costs : there are no intermediaries between the project and stakeholders, such as brokers and management companies, as in asset funds. This substantially reduces the cost of operation.


When we talk about a mining project , it is natural to think about setting up a new mine or expanding an existing site, to leverage revenue and competitiveness.

However, it is possible to tokenize extremely complex production chains like those of a mining business.

Blockchain can support a range of monitoring, metrics (through a smart contract) and provide alerts and advice that help to:

  • Improve team performance using revised and validated methods;
  • Maintain equipment availability, reducing corrective maintenance costs and losses from downtime.

Token technology is proving to be a safe, efficient and highly profitable way to enable projects in various business areas. Best of all, mining companies of all sizes can use it.

It is the democratization of entrepreneurship !

BLOCKBR Digital Assets is a fintech that combines technological innovation and digital knowledge to transform physical assets into digital ones, in the asset tokenization process.

The offer of tokenized physical and financial assets, both current and new, is democratic and decentralized, which makes investing safer, simpler and more efficient.

We enable, structure, issue and offer tokens on our platform and beyond. Be aware that tokens depend on feasibility and regulatory factors.

Do you want to tokenize your business or part of it? Do you have a business solution and does it make sense to issue your own token ?

Fill out our form and we will contact you.

BLOCKBR : digital assets driving results and dreams!

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