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New financial era: 5 points of change from Q1 2024 that prove market transformation!

When you think of the new financial era, one of the first things that comes to mind is the growth in the number of investment advisors available. With the constant changes taking place, more people have felt the need to rely on specialized assistance to handle their investments more appropriately and thus have greater security in their choice of applications available throughout the market.

Despite this major transformation, there were some highlights in the first half of 2024. With the constant development of blockchain, for example, there is a tendency to completely change the way financial agreements are interpreted. By keeping up to date with the market, you can understand how it will behave from now on and thus know how to behave.

New global financial era

The new financial era is marked by digital transformations. Basically, it is remarkable how all operations with money tend to become completely technological. As the rise of tokens is already a much-discussed reality among financial market scholars, it is important to properly understand digital assets.

It is worth commenting that by understanding the entire tokenization infrastructure, it is possible to understand the technologies that allow this entire market to be set up. This makes it easier to know the challenges that will arise and how to deal with them in order to obtain excellent results in the market, especially with an understanding of how blockchain is decisive in this scenario.

DREX launch preparation

The launch of the DREX is one of the first in the new financial era, as it is practically a guarantee that the token has been fully accepted in the most sensitive parts of the economy. This term allows us to represent the digital form of the real that will be in the form of a balance in a digital wallet.

As a result, it can be seen that the tokenized economy harbors several trends of the new financial era and, because of this, many new ways of understanding the functioning of the market are under construction. A very practical example is fixed income in digital format, which uses tokens capable of representing applications in this context and traded on digital platforms.

As it is a recent creation, it is necessary to ensure a better understanding of DREX. By properly updating yourself on this subject, you will certainly have extremely valuable knowledge for future applications in the market that will use this resource as a basis.

Rise of the VASPs

VASPs stands for Virtual Asset Service Provider and is one of the main players in the digital economy. This feature makes it possible to provide services linked to virtual assets to the entire market. This is the point of connection between the companies providing the assets and the investors interested in investing.

VASPs come in both decentralized and centralized platform formats. Finally, they are also subject to local digital asset regulation, which allows the different nations that use the technology to guarantee security and organization in transactions along with greater incentives for adopting crypto businesses and encouraging other investors throughout the process.

Thus, with the growth of VASPs, it became possible to offer a series of services related to virtual assets. As a result, the market began to carry out larger numbers of operations in this medium and, consequently, the growth of this area increased considerably.

Growth in the number of Investment Advisors

The increase in the number of investment advisors is another very relevant point of change for the new financial era. With more people interested in investing in different assets, the profession is showing an excellent growth rate compared to previous periods.

Another reason for the growth of these professionals is the constant changes in the way the market is understood and applied due to tokenization, a factor that makes more people seek specialized help in order to improve the accuracy of their digital asset applications.

However, with the growth in the number of these professionals, it has become necessary to better understand the challenges and changes relevant to this field. If you want to understand everything about the investment advisor, it is extremely important to have quality content so that you can act appropriately and profitably!

Agro being Boosted by Tokenization

The boost that agribusiness has received from tokenization is due to the fact that more companies and investors are attracted to applications in this sector in tokenized format. This scenario occurs because there is a constant search for opportunities for various types of financing in the production chain that are different and more profitable than the usual ways of applying them.

Through the tokenization of assets, it is possible to considerably reduce the bureaucratization present in agribusiness finances. This, in turn, is very useful for those who have a high volume of transactions carried out in the sector and, consequently, guarantees a lot of practicality in the daily life of this context.

Agro being Boosted by Tokenization
Image: Canva

It is also worth commenting that there is a considerable increase in the quality of security due to the greater transparency provided by tokenization. Finally, the reduced operating costs are very relevant and attractive points for both the agricultural sector and the different areas of the market.

Regulation by the CVM

CVM regulations state that receivables anticipation tokens should be equated with real estate securities. Consequently, the rules for trading and offering will be the same between the two securities. Consequently, fixed-income tokens will be traded in a completely different way due to the requirement to comply with regulations on public offerings and registration of issuers, for example.

Due to regulatory requirements, it is clear that only the safest means will provide the greatest certainty of success when investing in the new financial era. After all, no one wants to take risks when choosing assets, let alone have the chance of offering them in an unsafe place.

That’s why having a whitelabel tokenization platform is the ideal choice for offering assets properly and with extremely effective technologies. Don’t miss the chance to properly prepare for the big trend in operations in the future with this feature!

It’s remarkable how these points are great indications that the new financial era is on the rise and could cause far-reaching changes in the world market. That’s why having a suitable platform to migrate to the world of tokens is extremely important in order to maintain a proper performance in the market and all this is possible with BLOCKBR!

BLOCKBR is a fintech specialized in building infrastructure that allows a simplified migration to tokenization, meeting the needs of a highly regulated environment.

Our main mission is to develop autonomy for the capital market so that it can move, grow and potentially access digital assets. We develop legal and technological solutions that create opportunities and simplify the way in which financial services will operate, from the structuring and new roles of the agents involved to the management and supply of these assets, generating efficiency, lower costs and greater speed of liquidity.

We take care of the entire technological infrastructure for tokenization and regulation, simplifying your life so that you can take care of your customer relationship.

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