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TaaS: All you need to know about Token-as-a-Service!

One of the great transformations that Web 3.0 will provide is decentralization, giving users absolute power over their information and how they will relate to companies in their consumer choices. TaaS(token-as-a-service) is an important advance of this power.

But what is the AAS – as a service concept?

The literal translation leaves no doubt: as a service – businesses that invest in cloud computing and offer subscriptions that replace purchases.

A well-known example is SaaS(system as a service) – the software that users access remotely with full functionality as if the system were resident on their computers.

In this way, companies can offer ever-better services and invest in improvements without spending money on media. For the client, it is the convenience of using an up-to-date system without having to buy upgrade packages.

This concept is multiplying in the most varied applications – banking, insurance, service platforms, and even infrastructure.

Tokenization as a service is also occupying an important space for companies that want to trade tokenized assets and rights.

BLOCKBR, a web 3.0 native company, will talk about TaaS and how it will boost business!


We already live the AAS world intensely and often don’t realize it. These are applications that have become naturally incorporated into people’s lives:

  • Netflix: entertainment as a service;
  • Uber: car as a service;
  • Spotify: music as a service;
  • Youtube: content as a service.

What do these famous brands have in common? Delivering what physical products offer us but without having to buy them – you can listen to all the songs of your favorite singer without buying a single disc, for example.



Projects as a service are offered in a customized way, because the company or the final consumer can access only their needs.

A good example is insurance as a service, where the customer can set up the policy the way he wants it. Insurance coverage is on a menu, and one is not obliged to take out certain items.

In addition, insurers and brokers can tokenize insurance coverage, allowing customers to make their choices in a more agile technological environment with a much lower final operating cost, and the ability to customize insurance.

This increases the attractiveness, because the client hires what he wants and knows exactly how much he will pay, and can change it according to his new needs.

The banking industry can be especially advantaged, because banking as a service allows you to structure your fee package efficiently and access only the financial products you want. Tokenization in banks allows customers to log in faster and at a lower cost.

Decentralized Finance: what it is and how to decentralize your business!


The principle of offering products and services as AAS allows developments to reduce operational costs such as teams from service to payment – the tokens act as both contract and payment, according to the rules of the operation’s smart contract.

In the area of credit(CaaS), the savings are even more significant, since the smart contract can regulate all the conditions of a loan offer – term, amount, cost – in addition to the blockchain validating each transaction through the network of computers that make it up.



This is the natural consequence of using a supply model where there is potential to reduce spending on various routines, replacing human action and impacting on the cost to deliver the products and services.

Another positive aspect is that you don’t need to buy products, only remote subscriptions, as is the case with system as a service platforms.


One of the biggest concerns of companies – and the reason for many customer problems – is the high rate of human failure in analysis and routines.

This usually costs a lot of money with chargebacks and the company’s attrition in the marketplace. With AAS on tokens, the execution of processes is 100% electronic from the blockchain, which increases the company’s efficiency and, consequently, its competitiveness.


The token-as-a-service (TaaS) is the latest innovation for the token market: BLOCKBR provides technical services via API – an integration tool between the development platform and the token distribution vehicle defined by the client.

In this way, it can use tokenization as an essential strategy for offering products or services with the market, but without the cost and structure required to issue tokens, distribute and manage tokens on the blockchain.

It is an ideal model for large companies and corporations like Banco Itaú, which recently created its platform to issue, distribute, and trade tokens.

BLOCKBR Digital Assets
is a web 3.0 native fintech that brings together technological innovation and digital knowledge to transform physical assets into digital assets, in the process of tokenizing assets.

The supply of physical assets and tokenized financial assets, both current and new, is democratic and decentralized, which makes the way of investing safe, simpler and more efficient.

We enable, structure, issue and offer tokens on our platform and beyond. Be aware that tokens depend on feasibility and regulatory factors.

Do you want to tokenize your business or part of it? Do you have a business solution and does it make sense to issue your own token ?

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