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Tokenization: more results with innovation and profitability!

One of the biggest challenges for companies is to find business solutions that bring together innovation and profitability – the investment account does not seem to close and fundraising and customer acquisition are compromised.

Here comes the potential of tokenization as a tool to attract investors and customers with speed, credibility and security.

We can use tokens to trade assets such as shares and land, portfolios of receivables and even offer investments in new projects, as has been the case with the tokenization of gold reserves .

The versatility of tokenization is such, with such important benefits, that there is no market that is not investing in this tool:

  • Agribusiness companies trade future crop tokens;
  • Football clubs offer tokenized membership programs;
  • Artists offer exclusive benefit tokens to customers.

As we have seen, the first advantage of generating business tokens is that there are no limits to their use. But how does this innovation leverage the company’s results? BLOCKBR will say that!


Tokenization consists of creating a digital and encrypted representation of an asset, project, service or product that a company or person wants to transact on the market.

Sounds like too broad a definition? Yes and she is real!

With cutting-edge technology at the service of token generation , it is possible to use this crypto asset to do business in different ways.

  • Negotiate tangible, intangible and financial assets;
  • Offer shares in investment funds, consortia;
  • Finance business development projects;
  • Offer exclusive services;
  • Create customer relationship mechanisms.

Within each of these items are the most varied possibilities. All market segments can benefit from the tokenization process , whether the object is a good, service, future right or movable asset.



Tokenizing processes is a growing trend in companies that want to manage their operations more quickly and based on reliable and stable data. All this can be provided by the quality of blockchain technology.

With this, it is possible to develop a solution to, for example, tokenize the supply chain .

A smart contract – which is used in all tokenization objects – will have all the ideal performance conditions, the events that trigger the measurements and the metrics for the results to be analyzed and alerts generated.

This solution can even involve suppliers and partners to predict fines and develop joint improvements.

There are several types of token for different purposes of a company. Get to know each one of them in our article with everything about tokens !


Creating a tokenization is a very simple process, as it basically depends on three steps until you start offering tokens to the market .

1- A company specialized in tokenization will carry out an in-depth assessment of the company’s project and the goals it intends to achieve using tokens as a strategy.

  • Market value : define the next point and the best way to split the asset ;
  • The cost-benefit ratio : whether tokenization will add value to the project or asset at a level that justifies the investment. The target audience profile is a determining factor for the technology to obtain the expected results;
  • Tax regularity : proof of ownership, tax regularity and compliance, what documents need to be issued for the asset to be tokenized – this is especially important for assets regulated by the CVM .

2- Once the project is approved, the tokenization company will provide the generation of tokens according to the defined fractionation and the creation of the smart contract – the digital document that will control the entire operation electronically.

3- Finally, with the tokens and the contract entered on a blockchain, it’s time to make the initial offering of the tokens , when investors can acquire them. Blockchain and smart contract manage the entire process, including the monthly payment of expected remuneration.

As we have seen, the biggest work will not be in these three steps, but in choosing the token as the best alternative to speed up the company’s business or projects.



The benefits of tokenizing assets and other items are many and of great impact on the company’s efficiency and results. Let’s introduce some of them!


One of the greatest difficulties in capitalizing a company by offering assets in the market as we know it is the universe of potential investors ; real estate, works of art, patents and other assets are offered in full, which limits access to large investors and groups.

In tokenization , the object can be split into hundreds or thousands of quotas. Imagine a land that costs 1 million reais and is offered in 100 tokens, at a unit value of 10 thousand reais.

Token fractions expand the universe of potential investors, especially small ones. It is the democratization of access that generates other benefits and increases the chances of success!


From the moment the tokens are offered , all the work of analyzing and approving the transactions and managing the conditions of the smart contract is done by the blockchain and its computer network, without human action.

This guarantees a faster response speed with effective control, without human errors, duplicate or fraudulent operations, as nothing will be done outside the blockchain contract definitions.

Quick and assertive responses can contribute both to tokenization with monthly remuneration – such as tokenization of shares – and to the management of customer relationship programs.

Confidence in results is greater!


One of the biggest obstacles to the offer of investments in the intricate financial market is the lack of transparency regarding the rules applied. In the tokenization process , all transactions are recorded with a unique key on a digital ledger .

The entire history, from the first move, is available for consultation. In addition, blockchain is a digital ecosystem with the most modern security protocols and immune to cyberattacks, ensuring data and transaction integrity.

Your investors will appreciate a lot!


Tokenization can be more profitable and more liquid – speed in converting the tokenized object well into cash – for several reasons.

  • More people investing in tokens , helping the company to achieve the expected result faster and also the predicted goals with the tokenization revenue ;
  • The fractionation of the object with the increase of the interested base allows to practice a better price for the company, positively affecting the profitability;
  • In operations subject to discount , such as receivables and precatories, the larger base of investors can also help to reduce the loss when compared to banking practices;
  • The absence of intermediaries in the process – financial institutions, companies to manage the offers on the market and a dedicated internal team – reducing costs.


Offering the most advanced in investment and relationship management is a very positive aspect for the brand’s image.

Today’s consumers and investors value solutions that combine time reduction with the quality of information and companies that are in tune with the new times.

Tokenization as a fundraising strategy will continue to grow, with more activities and objects involved. And so will the number of people willing to invest in great products and ideas.

Enjoy and captivate more project partners and customers!

BLOCKBR Digital Assets is a fintech that combines technological innovation and digital knowledge to transform physical assets into digital ones, in the asset tokenization process.

The offer of tokenized physical and financial assets, both current and new, is democratic and decentralized, which makes investing safer, simpler and more efficient.

We enable, structure, issue and offer tokens on our platform and beyond. Be aware that tokens depend on feasibility and regulatory factors.

Do you want to tokenize your business or part of it? Do you have a business solution and does it make sense to issue your own token ?

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