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What is the token used for in the investment world?

Tokenization is increasingly popular around the world as an excellent option in the market to trade, get more profitability for issuers and investors. But like every innovation, it generates doubts. One is what the token is used for as an investment.

For the beginning of understanding, a business token is an encrypted file that is intended to represent assets and rights in offerings made in the primary market (between offeror and investors) and in the secondary market (between investors).

  • Real assets, business or person (real estate, vehicles, collections);
  • Financial assets (receivables and negotiable);
  • Digital asset (rights and other crypto-active, such as digital currencies);
  • Products and services;
  • Business projects.

As we can see, every asset can be tokenized, there is no restriction on the characteristics – whether it is a tangible or intangible asset, whether there is official regulation and other aspects.

On the other hand, an asset tokenizing company conducts technical, fiscal, legal, and operational feasibility studies to define whether the cost and benefit ratio justifies tokenization.

And how can the token participate in the investment world and generate profitability for companies and individuals?

BLOCKBR, a web 3.0 native company, comments on the importance of cryptoactive to bring new paths to business!


Using tokens to offer assets or acquire tokenized goods and rights has a series of advantages that make this business model so attractive to issuers and investors.

Here are some reasons why you should invest in tokens and generate more profitable business.


The tokens are produced within a blockchain and managed by a smart contract, the digital document that controls the entire tokenization process, from the conditions of the offering to the income payment schedule.

The data security, network security, and encryption protocols are the most advanced in the market, ensuring absolute protection of transactions.

The way transactions are approved is also a differential: all computers that make up the network must validate. Since the blockchain is a distributed database, there is no central server for the data, all computers have the same history of the tokenization operation.

This makes blockchain fraud-proof.


Transactions with tokens are made peer-to-peer, directly between the digital wallets of the issuer (provider) and the person interested in buying them, without the intermediaries of the traditional financial market. This makes token transactions cheaper.


Everyone can register on a marketplace selling tokens, using the basic data, and access the available projects. Once on the platform, you can invest in all the options. You only need to have the necessary balance to invest.

FIDC Tokenization: Digitalization of assets in the credit market!


One of the features of business tokens is the fractional offering of assets – for example, a property can be traded in thousands of shares rather than one token at full value.

This allows smaller investors to participate in the market and the offerors can raise more funds with a better token value.

Fractionation of assets especially benefits financial products, such as fragmented receivables anticipation, which does not occur in traditional banking.


For token issuers, it is the opportunity to offer to a much larger number of people and get the expected results in a shorter period of time, making tokenizations more liquid than traditional capital generation processes.

BLOCKBR Token Investment


Is the token an attractive and safe investment?

This question always comes up when talking about tokenization, because it is still something new on the market and very much related to the world of cryptocurrencies, which are volatile and speculative assets.

Tokens, on the other hand, are vehicles for the most diverse financial products, catering to all investor profiles.

From the advantages we have shown before, there is no doubt that it is safe to invest in tokens. But are there good options for investment tokens? Yes, and let’s talk about them.


These are security tokens or securities tokens. They are backed by negotiable assets and regulated by the CVM. The best known are stocks, debentures, bonds, and guarantees. In this token, fracking is a differentiator for success.

For example, in gold tokens, it is possible to invest in small fractions that do not exist in the traditional market and without the need to store gold at home.


Super structured tokens are the offerings of real estate, stocks, vehicles, machinery, artwork, livestock, crops, and other tokenized assets. They have great growth potential, since they are assets present in all companies and personal estates.

Their main characteristic is diversity and greater attractiveness to investors, because they are assets that are more present in people’s day-to-day lives. The value of the token lies in the fluctuation of the asset’s value in the market.


These are asset-structured tokens with guarantees and structured backings, with great growth prospects and results for investors, because they are a great way to obtain passive income at rates higher than those of the market.

Ideal for investors of all sizes who prefer more stable assets, defined profitability, and no volatility. Also known as receivables anticipation tokens.


Utility tokens are not fundamentally investment tokens, as the goal with them is to offer products and services exclusively to the customers who purchase them. The trend is for this type of token to gain ground as an important marketing tool.

A well-known utility token category is the fan token, used by major sports clubs in Brazil and abroad, entertainment companies, museums, and artists to give access to unique content.


Offering tokens on the market is a process that combines simplicity and agility. The first step is to know the characteristics of the asset that will be the object of tokenization and the planning that the holder has regarding the volume of funding, term, and forms of remuneration.

BLOCKBR provides all the consulting based on its expertise in projects with the most varied assets and market niches, besides the creation and distribution of tokens to the market.

Come and talk to BLOCKBR.

We have the best token offering strategy on the market!


Buying tokens is also very simple. All you need is a BLOCKBR account and a digital wallet. Then just take a look at the numerous projects that are available in our token marketplace.

You will find tokens with the most varied profiles and conditions, including offers to invest starting at 50 reais!

BLOCKBR Digital Assets is a native web 3.0 fintech that combines technological innovation and digital knowledge to transform physical assets into digital ones, in the tokenization process.

The supply of tokenized assets is democratic and decentralized, which makes the way of investing safe, simpler and more efficient.

We enable, structure, issue and offer tokens on our platform and beyond. Be aware that tokens depend on feasibility and regulatory factors.

Do you want to tokenize your business or part of it? Do you have a business solution and does it make sense to issue your own token ?

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