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‘You make money with Bitcoin who buys at low’, highlight 5 analysts indicating that now is the time to buy Bitcoin

The bleeding in the cryptocurrency market continues as Bitcoin (BTC) retraces below $21K for the first time in 24 months .

Among the main factors for the recent drop is the results of North American inflation came above expectations and exchanges such as S&P and Nasdaq fell, consequently cryptocurrencies also fell together due to the message that the Fed is not managing to control interest rates. .

For analyst Tasso Lago, private fund manager and founder of Financial Move, the increase would be 0.5 basis points came 0.75, this increase above normal, of what is already priced, and this made risk assets depressed. Therefore, the investor seeks fixed income assets.

“We see the dollar moving positively, rising and the real depreciating, once again because the call for high interest rates in the United States brings back dollars from outside to the market. This is a global movement and with regard to cryptocurrencies, the We see bitcoin hitting 21 thousand dollars, the strongest support for bitcoin at the moment is 21 thousand dollars, which is the top of the previous cycle”, he points out.

Also according to the analyst, it is necessary to monitor how the price of cryptocurrencies will behave throughout the week, but highlights that those who buy in low moments and wait are the ones who can make profits in the market when the situation improves.

Flávia Jabur, Community Manager at Liqi, also highlights inflation as a catalyst for the new downturn in the crypto market.

She points out that with the pandemic and lockdown, the economy of nations ended up being damaged and to try to alleviate the impact of the situation, world governments printed a lot of money, now generating inflation as a consequence.

“The consequence of this act we are seeing today, which is inflation and the increase in interest rates, in an attempt to contain this scenario, and this has been worrying global markets. Last week, US inflation came above expectations for the month May, and this Wednesday, the Federal Reserve should announce its decision regarding the increase in interest rates in the country. Therefore, the markets are cautious”, he highlighted.

Jabur points out that now is the time for attention, caution and uncertainty, as we do not have any positive news to reverse this downtrend.

Make money with Bitcoin who buys at low

Cassio Krupinsk, CEO and founder of BlockBR , highlights that every moment is the time to buy bitcoin, especially when it falls into volatility, but for him the great strategy is to buy in fractions.

“For example, if you have BRL 10,000 and want to buy bitcoin, you don’t buy just 10,000 reis just because it dropped to 28. You take 1,500 reais, a little more than 10%, I would say 15%, making a purchase at a drop of 28, then you take another R$ 2,500 reais and leave a scheduled purchase in case it drops to 26,800 and leave another R$ 2,500 programmed if it drops to 24, and so on”, he highlights.

He points out that obviously bitcoin buyers make money from bitcoin in the long term and not in the short and medium term.

” Now is a good time for bitcoin, it is proven that it is a store of value asset, so it will definitely go up, but it is in the long term. If you take the last few years, taking the average, bitcoin has been increasing and we is going through a period that is super natural, so these drops are natural for there to be an increase in the coming months or year”, he points out.

Who also agrees with Krupinsk is Rubens Neistein, Business Manager at CoinPayments in Brazil. He also stated that the good time to buy an asset is when that asset has depreciated due to its top value.

“It’s always good to buy when you’re down, down. That’s when you make money buying good quality assets, like bitcoin. Now the market is still biased down, it can drop to $20,000. So, if you want to buy, say 10 thousand reais of bitcoin now, I recommend buying in 4 ‘instalments’ of R$ 2,500 reais. Buy a little now, a little more in a few days and so on. Divide the investment into 4 purchase moments” , highlights.

Daniel Carius, COO of Ribus, points out that investors should look at the fundamentals of the market in which they are invested rather than focusing only on the price of the screen.

“When we look at a series of Bitcoin attributes, both in the current reading and in the future perspective of the market, we see the fundamentals only improving, such as the massive inflow of Venture Capital (VC) to finance Blockchain-related projects and companies, In the first quarter of 2022 alone, we had an entry of US$ 14.6 billion in the sector, which is equivalent to almost 10% of all the capital invested in this type of VC in the world”, he highlighted.

Buy now waiting for the next halving

Carius points out that the crypto market, unlike the exchanges, already has clear signs of capitulation, where market sentiment has been extremely pessimistic for a long time. Aided to this, he points out that the crypto market has seen abrupt drops since November 2021 and that they have intensified since May this year.

“We can therefore conclude that Bitcoin and other good cryptocurrency projects are already in a very strong window of opportunity for medium-term purchases, similar to the ones we saw at the end of 2018 in the last major market bottom that took the price of cryptocurrencies to another level in the following years”, highlighted

The analyst highlights that the next Halving will be in 2024 and the behavior in these years is of a great increase in demand for Bitcoin due to the increase in its scarcity in this event.

“This all corroborates the thesis that today and for the next few months, we are facing a large window of opportunity to buy Bitcoin and assets related to the Blockchain sector, which we will probably only have a similar window in 4 years, but in the future the level will of the market will be another, much higher than today, much higher than the prices we are having the opportunity to enter today”, he points out.

However, he warns that every investment must be made in a way that is appropriate to the risk profile of each investor or institution, so that the exposure is ideal, it is always good to remember that what differentiates the medicine from the poison is often the dose, in investments this rule is the same.

“Dose your contributions, do it progressively with the proper cash management that the reward in the medium term will tend to come and will be expressive because of the window of opportunity we are in”, he concludes.

Source: Cointelegraph

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